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WebPRojx is a creative technology + design agency founded by Jasmine Low in 1998. We offer that little extra cutting edge in developing content with user-friendly interfaces on the web, content creation for social media sites or animated videos. Our team of tech-heads and creative designers have a common desire – to create media communication platforms which are functional, utility driven and aesthetically pleasing.

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Our Values

Our credo. At WebPRojx, we are 100% dedicated to deliver your project efficiently, on budget!

Our vision. We build websites that carry our Clients’ unique brand identity that enables seamless connectivity with customers.

Our values. We believe in four values which intrinsically guide us towards better living, resulting in healthy growth as a human being and as a corporate entity; sharing of insights, valour, integrity & love.

Our people. Our global team comprises of individuals who are dedicated to making positive changes in our own lives, as well as in the lives of others.

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Web Development

WebPRojx offers web-based solutions for small and medium businesses, advertising agencies as well as international brands. We’re delighted to work with you to develop an online presence for your business with good user interface (UX/UI):


o Mobile Responsive Websites
o E-commerce Web Store
o Micro Website
o Web Hosting
o Website Maintenance
o Web Revamp

Content Development

Our solutions are thought-through using design thinking tools; from planning out the Site Map architecture, through to the bookings or reservations process flow, integrated with cloud-accounting SaaS. We offer our clients Creative Expertise in:

o Editorial
o Infographics
o Motion Graphics
o Explainer Videos
o Illustrations, Icon-pack + Royalty-Free Images
o Videos + Animated Gifs
o Website Installation
o ERP Integration

Why choose us

WebPRojx brings content alive by fusing artistic creativity and technology. We tell stories using design assets and create a storyboard to communicate with your target audience. Our strength as creative technology + marketing communication agency means that we can help simplify your ideas and present information clearly within seconds. Make your online presence ever more effervescent and save from “not-just-another” website.

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Our Portfolio Website PRojx

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Project Milestones

In collaboration with GoInternationalGroup.com:

  • AsiaFitnessToday.com: Fitness Website
    [Portal/DB planning/Maintenance]
  • TheGlobalStudent.net Website
    [WordPress Website Maintenance]
  • GoInternationalGroup.com
    Marketing Agency Website
  • DoPPelMyFund.com:
    Registration & Payment Gateway for Causes
  • Malaysia Industrial Development Finance:
    Website rebuild 2016
    [Photography/ Joomla/Bootstrap]
  • Cyberjaya Creative Playground:
    #CJPlayground2014, Creative Tech and Music Festival site
    [Microsite/Wordpress/Social Media Activation]
  • Mercy International Humanitarian Run:
    #MyMERCYRun 2014, 2015, 2016, Cause-marketing campaign
    [Microsite /Visualisation /Photography]
  • Sephora Malaysia 2013:
    Brand Activation campaign
    [Videography /Visualisation /Photography]
  • FEYST: Independent Youth Festival 2008-2012
    Festival website
  • Sweden Malaysia Innovation Days 2011:
    Festival website & viral campaign
  • MyPENANG Reunion 2010:
    Festival website & viral campaign
  • AmBank Group Markets 2009:
    Malaysia Corporate Bond Handbook Launch
  • ESWC Malaysia 2008:
    Festival information kit [CD]

In collaboration with Nova Partners:

  • GOCRUISEASIA.org 2007:
    Travel Portal
  • Malaysian American Friendship Alumni Assoc 2006:
  • Pride Foundation 2006:
    Website www.pride.org.my
  • Securities Commission 2005:
    Multimedia Launch Presentation
  • Tai Kwong-Yokohama 2004-2008:
    Website www.tkyoko.com
  • CRM Communications 2003-2005:
    CD premiums
  • Soundmix Productions Singapore:
  • Willis Aviation Conference Malaysia:
    Conference CD-Rom

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In collaboration with Mobius Media:

  • Unza Berhad:
    Sales conference presentation
    [Macromedia Flash, CD]
  • Destinasi Malaysia:
    Content development – travelogue
    [Macromedia Flash, CD]
  • Exsulon Hair Cosmetics Laboratory Australia:
  • Kumpulan EMAS Berhad:
    Launch event presentation
    [Macromedia Flash, CD]
  • Malaysia Automotive Centre:
    Official launch presentation
    [Macromedia Flash, CD]
  • Malaysia Industrial Development Authority:
    Digitisation archival project [CD-Rom]
  • Proton GTi:
    Flash, director
    [Mini CD]
  • RHBInvest:
    Flash, director
    [Mini CD]

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